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Learn at your leisure
Learn at your leisure

Seven different valuable life skills are taught step-by-step. Each life skill has 21 video lessons, over 11 hours of detailed instructions. The workbook is a written daily review a homework assignment. We are training you to re-train your mind, to get motivated to break old habits. To establish new successful habits. The art of pure motivation to go back to the point where you first started to learn is the beginning point.

We must start at that point to rebuild your ability to learn. Within one month you will be in the top 1% of people in the world with this skill.

Teaching Opportunities
Teaching Opportunities

Create your own business by becoming a certified teacher.

After you complete the first and second life skills training. At this point you may decide to teach and develop your own teaching business, you may choose to teach the course to a large church congregation, or you may decide to stay at home and teach via zoom. The different teaching opportunities are yours to decide. These skills are worth a fortune, and you will only realize the value, after you complete the first and second life skill modules.

Earn money, have fun and travel
Earn money, have fun and travel

One hour a day for 30 days will change your life! Almost everyone is bent and broken in some manner. How to get over a broken heart after a divorce? How do get past a drug addiction? How to get past being a work alcoholic? How to pick up the pieces and put your life back together with new skills. Motivation is the key and when you are motivated to learn to change your thinking and reprogram your mind for success. You are on your way to finding happiness

Practice whenever you decide
Practice whenever you decide

Create your own sales business. After you take the first two life skills modules you may decide to teach or sell the course. Corporate sales or fundraiser sales to churches. The sky is the limit you may also decide to sell the course and then also teach the course. After you take the first two modules you will understand the true power these life skills have on you.

Study your way on your device

In addition to our courses, add value to you studies by following our podcasts, YouTube and TikToc.


Start your day with a 10 minute YouTube video released daily Monday - Saturday at 8 A.M. EST. Everyday Ronnie goes into to detail to implement the 7 Modules to gain knowledge and skills to provide a better and happier life. Ronnie story is a story of rags to riches, overcoming 4 near death experiences. Ronnie says Learn from someone who has been bent and broken who made it out and recovered. Someone with the skill to teach you the WHY and then The HOW to do it.

Ronnie Needham's Podcast Now is the time to be Happy

Podcasts are Wednesday and Thursday, 8A.M. - 8:30A.M. EST. Real Talk, real sense, and real results. Ronnie gives you the details on how he was bent and broken. Survived a broken neck at age 8, cut of his thumb at age 15, fell from 55 feet at age 18 and had a brain aneurysm at age 21. How he overcame all of these near-death experiences and re-trained his mind. With Ronnie this is not theory he will give you the exact details and how he learned all this information from his mentors. The result is Ronnie created successful businesses one after another. The same principle he applied to his Ronaldo Designer Jewelry business. RDJ become the largest wire-crafting jewelry business in America history. RDJ sold 174 in retail dollars over the last 10 years 2009 -2019 while Ronnie was the President and Ceo. Learn from someone who has waked in your shoes.


Daily Posts at... @ronnieneedham027

Now Is The Time To Be Happy

The seven modules give you the knowledge to change your life and become happy. Self-esteem, self-confidence, new abilities. I was a work alcoholic and spent 35-40 weeks a year on the road building business and I totally neglected my wife and two daughters. In 2019 all things came to a screeched halt with a divorce that was worse than Johnny Carsons. While I made millions of dollars I was bent and broken emotionally all I did was work. A workaholic is no different than an alcoholic both are addictions. I was the man who paid for trips to Europe but never took the kids and the wife to Europe. I was just a check book. My addiction cost me my family and I should have died and would have until I found my WHY in life my reason to life and to start all over again. I found the love of my life I found MYLA.

7 Modules to Boost Your Life

Module 1: Speed Reading and Motivation

Module 2: Finding Your Superpower - Your Super Memory

Module 3: Getting Rid Of All Of Your Addictions With The 7 Meditations

Module 4: Getting The Super Edge In Life

Module 5: The Arts

Module 6: Nutrition

Module 7: Exercise

Meet Your Life Coach

Go on an exciting adventure with Ronnie to unleash your Super Stengths!

Founded Ronaldo Designer Jewelry
Ronnie Needham

Ronnie and Raphael gave a $120,000.00 item to the Pope on behalf of his company

Founded Ronaldo Designer Jewelry

Ronnie has generously donated money to many civic and charitable organizations

Ronnie left RDJ November 7, 2020

Ronnie's mission is to change the world with Now is the Time LLC

Ronnie Needham

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